Global Excellence Award
The Virginia International Business Council presents the Global Excellence Award, formerly called the Rudershausen Award, to a "person who has materially contributed to the promotion of world trade in Virginia." This award was originally titled the "Trader of the Year Award" but was renamed in honor of Mr. F.J. Rudershausen, a long-time member of the Club and a tireless promoter of world trade. Past recipients have been chosen from many different disciplines involved with international trade, including manufacturers, commodity exporters, bankers, ports, steamship lines, shipping agencies, forwarders/brokers, and state agencies.

2007 Winner - Hank Selby
2008 Winner - Tom Garnett
2009 Winner - Paul Grossman
2010 Winner - Elizabeth Morgan-Brown
2011 Winner - Michel Zajur
2012 Winner - Cornelia Steinert
2013 Winner - Joe Ruddy
2014 Winner - Van R. Wood, PhD
2015 Winner - George Hiller
2016 Winner - Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore
2017 Winner - Ryan Losi

The Commonwealth of Virginia Governor's Award for Excellence in International Trade
The Commonwealth of Virginia has created an award to recognize a Virginia business which has excelled in global trade. The recipient of this award will have increased its export and international profile while promoting the best interests of its employees and surrounding community. Therefore, the recipient will have contributed to the overall economic health and quality of life of Virginians while increasing the Commonwealth's profile in the international export arena in a positive light.

2007 Winner - Filtrona Fibertec
2008 Winner - Coastal Training Technologies Corporation
2009 Winner - Bode Technology
2010 Winner - VSD, LLC
2011 Winner - SteelMaster
2012 Winner - TMEIC
2013 Winner - Moog Components Group
2014 Winner - The C.F. Sauer Company
2015 Winner - Euclid Systems Corporation
2016 Winner - Momentum Aviation Group
2017 Winner - QubicaAMF

The Virginia TradePort Innovator of the Year Award
The Virginia TradePort recognizes a company or individual that has made a significant impact on international trade and business development in and around the Virginia TradePort.

2010 Winners - David Denny, Jim Loux
2011 Winner - Cornelia Steinert
2012 Winner - Jim Flowers
2013 Winner - Shawn Utt
2014 Winner - Korona Candles
2015 Winner - Joe Meredith